Parenting Twins – How to Tell Identical Twins Apart

It is an absolute delight for parents when they discover on ultrasound examination that they have identical twins. You can only imagine their trepidation when they finally see their twins in the nursery and they couldn’t tell them apart. Baby twins especially look very identical so you need to determine ways by which you can tell which baby is who.

While still in the womb, one twin will commonly be bigger than the other. This size difference can be carried on until birth. But most of the time, you will only know that the other twin is bigger because his or her weight is heavier by a few ounces or pounds. As the twins grow bigger, the difference becomes more apparent. Usually, the bigger twin will have a rounder head and face. In contrast, the other twin will have a smaller head and a thinner face.

Another point you should consider is if there are distinguishing marks in your twins, such as birthmarks, that can help you to tell them apart. Take note, however, that there are some birthmarks that disappear with time. One good example is the strawberry mark or red hemangioma. This birthmark usually disappears when the child turns 9 years old.

Parents who will be bringing their twins home for the first time may resort to ingenuity to tell their babies apart. For twin baby boys, an option is to put socks on one twin but not on the other. For twin baby girls, you can put manicure on the toenail of one twin but not the other. The reason for putting the manicure on the toenail is to prevent ingestion when the baby sucks on their fingers. You can also put identification bands on the twins’ wrists or let them wear caps with their names embroidered on it.

As proud parents of twins, it is only natural that you would want to show them off to relatives, friends, not to mention the entire neighborhood. Of course, it would be a great embarrassment if you couldn’t tell them apart.

Most parents cannot resist the urge to dress their twins identically, but if you have difficulties in telling them apart, it is best to let them wear different styles of clothes. You might want to check out your local mall or department store for clothing apparel designed specifically for twins. A very good example is Dr. Seuss Thing 1 and Thing 2 Rompers. You can dress one child as Thing 1 while the other baby is Thing 2. You might also want to do a search online for websites that specialize in outfits for twins. Good examples of these shops are Trendy Twins Shop, Luna Belle Boutique, Twinz Gear and the popular auction site To Buy Two.